Maddux Nearing 300

Two baseball posts in a row: David Pinto notes that Greg Maddux pitched a game remniscent of a few seasons ago and, in doing, won his 298th career game. I knew he was getting close but, since the Braves let him go this offseason, hadn’t paid that much attention.

For the stretch 1992-1998, Maddux was the best pitcher in baseball, putting up some simply incredible numbers, with a hitters’ park called the Launching Pad as his home venue for all but the first year of that. Arguably, Roger Clemens wound up surpassing him as the best pitcher of that generation, sustaining true greatness somewhat longer. Still, it’s been an amazing run. I’d hoped to see him finish his career with Atlanta, but understood why the team let him go given the new salary constraints.

James Joyner
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