Mariah Carey Exposed on Stage

Matt Drudge provides a link to the following under the headline “Mariah Carey’s Clothes Fall Off.” He also provides this photograph, whether stock or from the event is unspecified:

Mariah exposed on stage (Irish Examiner, July 7)

Photo: Photo: Mariah Carey's Clothes Fall Off at concertMariah Carey gave fans more than they were expecting after a ‘wardrobe accident’ exposed her breasts. However, fans only managed a quick glimpse before organisers threw the power switch – plunging the stage into darkness.

She then jokingly told the audience: “Someone bring me a jacket or the show’s off, we all know how quickly these images can spread around the world.”

Not as quickly as one might expect, apparently. This is the Internet Age and I’m just now hearing about it?

James Joyner
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  1. Anderson says:

    Nobody had a cell-phone cam? What is wrong with this audience? Surely an OTB reader on scene would’ve risen to his duty.

  2. Brayd0n says:

    Idiotic, vulgar comment deleted.

  3. apos apo says:

    I’m with you bro. Are there no cell cameras in Deutschland????!!!!!

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