Mark Warner Withdrawing Support from Tim Kaine Campaign?

From a partisan talking points e-mail, I see that Walt Ball reports rather odd doings on the Democratic side of the race for governor in Virginia:

We have learned here at CW, from sources involved with the General Assembly and close to a high ranking Warner administration official, some amazing news.

At the Governor’s senior staff meeting this morning, the decision was made to “pull the plug” on Tim Kaine’s campaign. No more will Warner assist the Kaine campaign in major ways. No more public appearances, etc.


According to our sources, Warner is said to have no interest in seeing to fruition, a Tim Kaine Administration. Aides apparently believe that a Kaine administration would steal the limelight from potential Presidential candidate, Gov. Mark Warner. Stay tuned…this should be interesting.

Most commentators are skeptical, as am I. This would be an incredible tactical blunder on the part of Warner, who is a rather savvy politico. The Democrats desperately need a moderate Southern governor to rescue them and Warner is probably at the top of that list. Openly snubbing a legitimate conntender for a key governorship would not exactly endear him to the party establishment, though.

Honestly, I see no upside to such a move.

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James Joyner
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  1. You have good reason to be skeptical, it’s bunk.

  2. Josh says:

    This is a fabrication that is part of a GOP smear tactic they developed during the last Senatorial campaign cycle. Please do not repeat this rumor or distribute it.

    Be informed. This is a LIE. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine will practically be tied together at the hip from now until election day.

    Please see the following links for confirmation:

    Warner completely turned Virginia around – it was voted the best managed state in the country, and he fixed the serious budget crisis. Kaine was an integral part of that success.

    Kilgore’s people are scared to death about Warner’s impact. He’s been losing ground to Kaine in the polls for the last few months, and recent polls have Kaine ahead for the first time.

    It’s not looking good for Kilgore, so the gloves are coming off and the brass knuckles are going on. I’m sure the next few weeks will be nauseating.

  3. John Lewis says:

    Mark Warner and Tim Kaine toured Southwest Virginia campaigning for the entire day today. Kilgore is from here, but there are whispers all around that his campaign is getting more and more desperate.

  4. Jerry says:

    The post is hilarious on several counts.

    The only Virginia Warner apt to be pulling the plug on a gubernatorial candidate is John Warner ditching Kilgore.

    Kilgore’s key allies in the GOP hierarchy–Rove and Cheney–are more likely to be awaiting sentencing than attending Virginia’s inaugural ball. John Warner doesn’t like compulsive liars. (See North, Oliver)

    The rumors hereabouts suggest that John Warner is far more likely to be the next president than Mark. A couple of well-timed indictments and resignations and voila–a much more viable Republican Administration.

  5. Mark Warner withdrawing support for Tim Kaine is absurd. He is crisscrossing this state touting Tim Kaine’s praises. What extreme right-wing nut case started this rumor?

    Has anyone seen Warner on the trail with Kaine lately? I have and Warner is cheering Kaine on all the way.

    Go Mark! Go Kaine!