Marriage Compromise

Random musings on the general subject of gay marriage from around the Blogosphere:

  • Steven Taylor takes a firm stance against man-dog marriage.
  • Apropos this Robert Prather piece, I wonder if Rosie O’Donnell will get a refund of her $82 if the courts ultimately affirm the law making gay marriage illegal?
  • McQ is more impressed with President Bush’s statements on this issue than O’Donnell’s
  • Via John Cole, I see Ezra Klein has an interesting revisionist post on the biblical teachings on homosexuality.
  • Andrew Sullivan seems oblivious to the point that judges can impose their will on states and municipalities, too.
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  1. Paul says:

    I’m going to cross post what I put at Poliblog, which I normally never do…

    It really is simple. (and forget it is gay marriage for a moment)

    This issue ranks about 99.995 on the “hot button meter.” There are few things in politics that get more passion stirred.

    Given the above, Do we want the people in the states to decided the issue or do we want to leave it to the most radical judge in the judicial system?

    It seems to me, no matter if you are Pat Robertson or Andrew Sullivan sending it to the people is the right way to handle something this big.