Michael Reagan: Sarah Palin Too Polarizing To Be Elected President

Michael Reagan appeared on Fox News this afternoon to handicap various Republican candidates for 2012, but it’s his comments about Sarah Palin that are likely to get the most attention (Palin discussion begins at 4:04 mark)

Reagan is right, of course, and he’s just one of a seemingly growing chorus of Republican insiders who are starting to make their fears that Palin could win the nomination and cost the GOP the 2012 election public.

Whether it will work is another question entirely.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Alex Knapp says:

    I really wish the Primaries weren’t winnter-take-all. Then Palin getting the nomination wouldn’t be a concern. But all Palin has to do is keep the “Palin (read: regular folks) vs. the Establishment” narrative going through the first few primaries enough to hang on to the 25-35% of the vote which might be all she needs to win those delegates if the GOP nomination is fractured enough — and it probably will be.

  2. An Interested Party says:

    I wonder what the conservative hosts of this site will do if Palin does become the GOP standard bearer…most of them have expressed their strong distaste for her, so what will they do if she ends up running against the president…