Mark Hasty’s blog, The Bemusement Park, should get its 10,000th visitor some time this morning. He’s quite excited.

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James Joyner
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  1. Moe Lane says:

    Umm, what’s the average number of hits per day for a blog, then?

  2. Mark Hasty says:

    Depends on who you ask. SiteMeter says I get about 80 hits a day, but my hosting provider says it’s more like 250.

  3. James Joyner says:

    My numbers aren’t that wildly off, but I get quite a bit more on the host’s stats than SiteMeter. For one thing, the host likely counts robots, spiders, and other non-human “readers.” Also, SiteMeter counts as one visit several visits to the site from the same IP if there isn’t at least a 30 minute interval between them.

  4. I’ll go visit him if someone can assure me that he means “bemusement” in the sense of “confusion,” rather than in the popular, but incorrect, sense of “amusement.”

    –LMA, copy editor to the blogosphere