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VIA TPMuckraker:  With Drunk Driving Charge, Voter ID Bill Sponsor Might Not Have A License Anymore:

The sponsor of an Ohio bill which restricts access to the ballot box was arrested back in April on drunk driving charges while he had a 26-year-old woman in his car and Viagra in his system, according to police reports.

On April 23, an Indiana state trooper pulled Rep. Robert Mecklenborg over for a burned out headlight on a 2004 Lexus he was driving. After failing three separate field sobriety tests, Mecklenborg allegedly refused to take a breath test and was placed under arrest. A blood test later revealed that he had recently taken a Viagra.

First:  since when do police drug tests check for Viagra? 

Second:  yes, he is married and the 26 year-old allegedly has connections to a strip club near the site of the arrest.

And an FYI:  the Ohio voter ID bill in question only requires a photo ID, not a state-issued one, so if he should lose his driver’s license, he may not have to bother with getting state ID to vote.

A news account of the arrest, which took place in Indiana, can be found here:  State Rep. Arrested On Drunken Driving Charge.

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  1. Jay Tea says:

    I believe all states offer a non-driver’s ID. I had a friend who had one; he called it his “license not to drive.” It looked just like a driver’s license, with a big “NON DRIVER” across it.


  2. Jay Tea says:

    Further, I suspect he volunteered about the dicker-picker-upper, hoping that it would explain away his blood alcohol content test. “Officer, if my blood alcohol comes back too high, it’s because I took these little blue pills.” Drunk people do stupid things.


  3. Neil Hudelson says:

    Indiana: Come for the race cars, stay for the strippers just far enough away from your home that you might not be caught.