Muslim Actress Receives Death Threats After Posing In Playboy

Sila Sahin set out to make a statement about the Muslim treatment of women by posing nude in Playboy, and got a little more than she bargained for:

A Muslim actress has caused a storm by posing naked for Playboy.

Sila Sahin has been branded a “whore” and a “western slut” after appearing topless on the cover of the German edition of the men’s magazine.

And Islamic fanatics have posted threatening internet messages.

Sila, 25 – star of German soap Good Times, Bad Times – claimed the shoot was a reaction to the “slavery” of her youth.

She added: “What I want to say with these photos is, ‘Girls, we don’t have to live according to the rules imposed upon us’.

“For years I subordinated myself to various societal constraints. The Playboy photo shoot was a total act of liberation.”


But Islamic internet sites are being monitored by the BND – the German intelligence agency – after threats were posted about her “shaming Muslim womanhood” and “prostituting herself for money”.

One poster on the Jihad Watch website wrote: “She needs to be very careful…” Another simply said: “She must pay.”

A kebab shop owner, asked on German TV what he would do if Sila were his daughter, replied: “I would kill her. I really mean that. That doesn’t fit with my culture.”

And, you know, I think that’s exactly what the guy would do given the chance. After all, it has happened before.

And if you’re wondering where the pictures are, well that’s what the Google is for, but be warned they’re definitely not safe for work


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  1. matt says:

    Ugh morons… Just when I’m starting to get hope for humanity something like this rolls along..

  2. Franklin says:

    … and here’s where somebody comes in to say, “see, I told you Muslims were bad,” thinking they are brilliant.

  3. Franklin says:

    BTW, she is awesome in multiple ways.

  4. G.A.Phillips says:

    … and here’s where somebody comes in to say, “see, I told you Muslims were bad,” thinking they are brilliant.

    lol…..Muslims suck….

  5. Jay Tea says:

    Man, and I remember all those death threats Carrie Prejean got for her topless photos… those Christians are just as bad as the Muslims.