New Jersey Seeks to Move Presidential Primaries

Steven Taylor, on New Jersey’s plan to join several other states in moving up their primary: “any state that keeps its presidential primary in June is poorly serving its citizens.”

Quite right. More now than ever, since the nominations may be all-but-decided by this time next year. It wouldn’t surprise me if this led to its ultimate conclusion, a national primary, by the 2012 cycle. As I’ve noted before, that would be fine by me.

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James Joyner
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  1. Has any state announced they’re planning to hold they’re 2012 primary next year too?

  2. I would give some serious thought to working with enough states to move the primary back. If you can get enough delegates on the back end, the race really won’t be decided until your last week of the primary season primary. The early primaries may separate the wheat from the chaff, but then your super primary will be the deciding factor and they will have to pay attention to you for all the months between New Hampshire and your primary.