The power is out in a lot of cities that I don’t live in. Now, I understand why this is a big deal. On the other hand, it’s not THAT big a deal. Basically, it’s out. They know why it’s out. They’re working on it. Why do we need 9/11-style wall-to-wall coverage on this on every TV and radio station in the country?

More to the point, why must I miss the Simpsons re-run that I watch from 6-6:30 until the interesting part of Fox Special Report comes on? For this:

Reporter 1: Man, it’s sure dark here in New York at 6 in the evening when you’re underground and there’s no power.

Anchor: Wow! Is it dark?

Reporter: Yes. Very dark. And, it’s a little hot, too, because the air conditioning is out.

Anchor: Wow! Thanks Reporter 1! Let’s now turn to Reporter 2, live in Cleveland!

Reporter 2: Man, it’s sure dark here in Cleveland at 5 in the evening. We’re apparently having a total solar eclipse, plus the power’s out.

Anchor: Wow! Is it dark?

Reporter: Yes. Very dark. And, it’s a little hot, too, because the air conditioning is out. And the computers are out, too! Apparently, they all run on power.

Anchor: I did not know that!

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James Joyner
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  1. And I’m missing Kudlow & Cramer. And I may be their only viewer…

  2. jen says:

    Part of it is that the media is HQed in NYC.

    I was having similar thoughts as the time approached 8pm, thinking that The Amazing Race would be pre-empted. And then I got a phone call from my mother at 7:45pm – she had just talked to my brother-in-law, who had(s) no idea where my sister is – she doesn’t have a working cell phone with her – and can’t get in touch with their daycare center.

    I’m blogging while I await a phone call assuring me that they are all home, safe. Somehow, my TV show didn’t seem as important knowing that my sister is somewhere in a very dark NYC, trying to get to New Jersey (with no mode of transportation, they take public transit), her husband, daughter, and pets – home, where there’s no electricity.

  3. James Joyner says:

    No, it’s obviously a serious situation for those involved. Of course, most of them can’t watch it on television since, well, they have no power!

    I caught the president’s comments on this a few minutes ago at the gym.

  4. Jay Solo says:

    Heh. You didn’t have to stretch that very much to make it funny, sadly enough.

  5. joy says:

    Well, here’s hoping that everyone is safe and sound.

    On a more serious note, Paula Zahn’s hair definitely looks horrible sans hairdryer. Just though I’d mention it.

  6. James Joyner says:


  7. Paul says:


    I just want to go one record as saying that if we had elected Al Gore he would have seen this coming and held the generator together with this superhuman powers.


    If you don’t get the joke, you should read this blog more often.