No MO for Newt

Via the LAT: Newt Gingrich won’t appear on Missouri ballot

The former House speaker, who is putting a campaign organization together on the fly, failed to qualify for the contest in the Show Me State.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, Gingrich did not file the necessary papers as of Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline. That means his name will not be on the Feb. 7 ballot.

However, this isn’t that big of a deal:

Missouri’s primary is a “beauty contest,” meaning that no delegates will be awarded. The state Republican Party will hold caucuses in March for that purpose.

However, Missouri is a major state, and the nonbinding contest will be the only primary in the country between the Florida primary on Jan. 31 and the Arizona and Michigan primaries on Feb. 28. Candidates wishing to maintain their momentum, and media visibility, through that dry spell in February may well see Missouri as a place to compete for bragging rights.

As such, this is really only a potential PR issue (i.e, in terms of media coverage). And really, who knows if he will even still be the Not Romney at that point?

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