No Jimmy Carter – Al Qaeda Connection

Jimmy Carter is being funded by al Qaeda! So reports the Canada Free Press.

Ex-U.S. President Jimmy Carter is in league with Osama bin Laden.

A paper trail shows that more than $1 million has been funneled from Bakr M. Bin Laden on behalf of the Saudi Bin Laden Group to The Carter Center.

That’s an impressive bit of investigative journalism that comes your way, not courtesy of the New York Times and company, but from Melanie Morgan, Chairman, Censure Carter Committee (Censure Carter Committee ). “An investigation by the Censure Carter Committee into the financing for The Carter Center of Atlanta, Georgia founded by President Carter and his wife to advance his “Blame America First” policies reveals that over $1,000,000 has been funneled from Bakr M. Bin Laden for the Saudi Bin Laden Group to the Carter Center,” says Censure Carter.Com in a mainstream media-ignored recent media release.

“In fact, an online report accuses former President Carter of meeting with 10 of Osama Bin Laden’s brothers early in 2000, Carter and his wife, Rosalyn followed up their meeting with a breakfast with Bakr Bin Laden in September 2000 and secured the first $200,000 towards the more than $1 million that has been received by the Carter Center.”

Thankfully, most of the conservative blogosphere is seeing through this nonsense.

Steven Taylor notes that, “the Bin Laden family and their businesses in Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with Osama, al Qaeda or radical Islam. As such, this attempt to link Carter to Osama is patently ridiculous.” Indeed, he points to Osama’s niece, Wafah Dufour, who has been posing for racy magazine photos to promote her singing career, as evidence of this.

Ed Morrissey agrees that “Bakr bin Laden and the rest of the bin Ladens have had little or no contact with their terrorist-leader relative, and the BLG in many ways represents everything that Osama opposes.” Indeed, “It relies heavily on business with the West, and all terrorist activities that pressure their business partners cost them a great deal of money.”

John Hinderaker points out that “Jimmy Carter would say that the Camp David accords were the crowning achievement of his generally-unsuccessful Presidency. There is no reason why Middle Eastern Arabs like the bin Ladens should not show their appreciation of President Carter by making a donation to his library.”

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James Joyner
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  1. Of course we also saw through it when it was M&M boy saying Bush was Bin Ladens buddy. But this raises the question that if the right can see through it in two out of two cases and the left can’t see through it in the first case (and we have to reserve judgement on the second case so far), what does that say about the left and right BS detectors.

  2. Bithead says:

    Just so, John.

    Put another way… Ed Morresy says:

    Judi McLeod warns her readers not to expect Hollywood to correct the story told by Moore in F-9/11 in 2004. However, she may well be incorrect, because the basic premise of her article — and of Moore’s film — fails because it assumes the Bin Laden Group reflects Osama’s worldview and supports his efforts. Nothing in the record substantiates that, and by this time the Censure Carter Committee should know better.

    I respond:

    Maybe. And maybe not. But what will be interesting, is watching the usual Carter worshipers defending him with that argument, whilst still swearing that Michael Moore was accurate in his assumption.