Seymour Hersh’s Osama Bin Laden Claims Don’t Pass The Smell Test

Seymour Hersh is out with a conspiracy theory about the death of Osama bin Laden that just doesn’t make sense.

Bill Clinton On Eve Of 9/11: I Passed On Killing Bin Laden Because Civilians Would Have Died

Some words from the past, apparently uttered mere hours before the world changed forever.

Navy SEAL’s Book Disputes Official Account Of Bin Laden’s Death

A new book by one of the Navy SEALs involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden differs significantly from the official version put forward by the government.

Obama, the Bin Laden Raid, and Secrecy

Charges that the Obama administration leaked classified information about the Osama bin Laden raid for political gain are bunk.

Musing About the Near Future of U. S. Security Policy

I’ve begun to wonder about the future of U. S. security policy. This isn’t a serious analytical post; it’s just what I call “musing”—committing disorganized thoughts to writing.

Pakistan Tries, And Largely Fails, To Explain Itself

Pakistan is trying to explain how the world’s most wanted man was able to hide in plain sight for six years, and failing badly.

Al Qaeda Confirms Osama bin Laden Death

In a move sure to satisfy Deathers as much as a contemporaneous newspaper story satisfied Birthers, al Qaeda has released a statement confirming that Osama bin Laden is dead.

Osama bin Laden Raid Controversial in Germany

The free world rallied around the United States after the 9/11 attacks–but not all back the killing of the man who ordered it.

Family: Osama bin Laden Executed

Safia bin Laden says that her infamous father was caught alive by U.S. forces and murdered in cold blood.

Bin Laden Op “Geronimo” Codename Offensive?

Congress is getting complaints that calling the Osama raid “Geronimo” is offensive to Indians.

Stealth Blackhawk Helicopter Used in Osama Raid

There has been some buzz on the national security backchannels that a heretofore secret “stealth” helicopter was used in the SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout.

What Did Pakistan’s Government Know?

And when did it know it?

Pakistan, You Got Some `Splainin’ To Do

How exactly was the most wanted man in the world able to hide in this house without anyone in Pakistan knowing about it?

Osama bin Laden’s Death News Broken on Twitter

Keith Urbahn, chief of staff of former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld, broke the news.

Detroit Terror Plot

Obama Wins DC

Comic Book Foreign Policy (or the Batman Theory of Foreign Policy)

Readers may be familiar with the Green Lantern Theory of Geopolitics. Now, there’s a competing theory.

Romney Endorses McCain

More Predictions for 2008