Now That the War on Terrorism is Over

With the capture of Osama Bin Laden, the pacification of Iraq and the creation of democratic institutions, that Afghanistan has become the center of knowledge and tolerence in Central Asia, that North Korea is embracing capitalism and instituting democracy, and since poverty world wide has been completely eliminated; I think that Representative Mike Pence has a a good idea.

Canoga Park, Ca. — In an attempt to exert control over the sexual practices of American citizens under the guise of protecting children, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) introduced bill H.R. 3726 this week, also called The Child Pornography Protection Act of 2005. Among other provisions, the bill targets adult citizens who record visual images of consensual sexual activity in the privacy of their own homes, adds nudity and clothed images of pubic areas to the definition of “explicit sexual activity†as defined in U.S.C. 18 §2256, and criminalizes the production and distribution of R-rated mainstream motion pictures that fail to comply with the record creation and notice provisions of 2257, and possibly for violation of obscenity laws.–emphasis added
Free Speech Coalition

So, if you were thinking about making your own homemade porn with your (adult) significant other (and you yourself are an adult) then you’d better think again. Representative Mike “The Prude” Pence is going to come after you. And if you’ve already created such porn, well you will be sent to a re-education camp.

Via Radley Balko at the Agitator. The text of the bill can be found here.

Oh, and if you really can’t tell, the first paragraph is sarcastic, so please don’t get your underwear in a knot over it.

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  1. Herb says:


    Have you ever heard of the term, “Dumb Hoosier”

    This guy Pense has apparently expanded that term to himself with the emphasis on “Dumb”

  2. patd95 says:

    Come see my latest post…your heart will soar!

  3. Jim Pfaff says:

    I totally disagree with your argument because freedom requires sacrifice and self-discipline and is not the freedom to do anything one wants–even that which is demeaning and obscene agree, people should be allowed to do anything in the privacy of their own bedroom even if it might be offensive to others. For example, I’ll bet Paris Hilton might have gone to jail in disgrace when her sex tape was revealed if this law had been in effect is glad that her sex tape catapulted her career without excessive government intrusion into her bedroom. It would have been better for our society if she wasn’t in the public eye flaunting sexual promiscuity as an acceptable lifestyle influencing young women to do the same be a tragedy if she had not had the opportunity to build her career because some moral vigilanties had sent her to jail because some guy revealed that tape.It is truly obscene and destructive to our culture for this type of behavior to be favored in the law fortunate for her that the Mike Pence Thought Police didn’t cause her to go to jail or her career would be over.Any society which doesn’t restrict the free expression of illicit sexual behavior ends up dying a slow death because its people reduce freedom to license and eschew morality and self-government which are the true pillars of freedom which takes away any freedom to do anything takes them all away. So, we need to re-establish the principles of moral self-government in the absence of which, as John Adams observed, our Constitution is “wholly inadequate” to preserve our freedoms instead of instituting some type of governmental “Thought Police,” we should let people make their own choices, and if they are offended by illicit sexual behavior, they don’t have to watch it or participate in it.

  4. I find the ads on the right sexually offensive. Please remove them lest this site be submitted for evaluation at one of the aforementioned “reeducation camps.”

  5. Anderson says:

    What I love is how often the guy thumping the Bible hardest, turns out to be on video thumping, er, something else.

    Let’s cross our fingers!

  6. Steve Verdon says:

    What I love is how often the guy thumping the Bible hardest, turns out to be on video thumping, er, something else.

    Let’s cross our fingers!

    Another rare moment of agreement between me and Anderson.

  7. dawber says:

    Wow! Just wow! This bill is stupid for so many reasons.

    My understanding of the 2257 regulations is that it only applied to hardcore pornography — meaning sexually explicit material that depicted actual sex. Since Mike Pence removed the word “actual” from 2257’s definition of sexually explicit, producers of mainstream movies and cable TV shows that feature simulated sex and nudity can be brought up on obscenity charges.

    And what do they mean by “clothed depictions of pubic areas?” Does that mean the new PG-13 Jessica Alba movie could be considered obscene if she wears a skimpy bikini?

    We’re not just talking about hardcore sex tapes here. We’re talking about banning Tony Soprano’s Bada-Bing girls and Maxim and The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and “Desperate Housewives” because it could be considered child pornography now.

    Alberto Gonzales’ “War on Porn” is diverting resources from life or death cases so agents can investigate adult pornography. That’s right. Gonzales’ “top priority” now is busting adult porn, not kiddie porn. Or terrorists or mobsters for that matter. They should call it “The War on Tera” — as in Tera Patrick.

    Grab your guns, ’cause we’re gonna have a real revolution on our hands when the government starts taking away the porn. Seriously, the public won’t stand for this. Most of us like sex. The GOP is committing political suicide by pandering to sex-hating extremists from the religious right.

    I just hope they don’t start writing “porn addiction” laws based on the theories of wackos like Judith Reisman who think porn is more addictive than crack cocaine.