Kevin Aylward continues to chronicle nudity on the ‘net:

It may be legal to appear naked in cyberspace, but police ticketed a Lincoln woman Monday for posting nude pictures of herself on the Web that were taken in downtown bar.

“It’s unlawful to be naked in public in Lincoln,” said Police Chief Tom Casady.

Melissa J. Harrington, 21, was ticketed for violating Lincoln’s public nudity ordinance by posting pictures on her Web site “showing her naked at one of our downtown bars and in several other locations around the city,” Casady said.

Judging from the photographic evidence Kevin provides, I’d say Ms. Harrington should be allowed to disrobe anywhere she likes.

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  1. mark says:

    I think she has proven herself a master of marketing as well. I wonder how many hits she’ll get over the next few days?