Obama Tackles the Tough Issue

College football should have an 8 team playoff.

Well I’d actually be happy if this was all Obama focused on. Unfortunately he thinks that as President he can actually do something about the economy. Well, okay he probably knows he can’t do much, but he still has to go through the ridiculous sham of pretending that he can do something so that when the economy does turn around he can take credit for it.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Steve Plunk says:

    The solution is to do away with the fictitious idea of a singular national champion. We should go to multiple champions such as a Rose Bowl champion, Orange Bowl champion, and so on.

    This is college football not the pros. These are student athletes who should be studying and getting an education. Lengthening the season with a playoff system undermines the game as an amateur sport. If people want to destroy a tradition and make this just another professional sport it needs to be disclosed going in.

    I for one want to still college football (and other college sports) work their way back to where they should be. A football playoff is a step in the wrong direction.