OTB Caption Contest

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

Time for the Monday OTB Caption ContestTM

A man dressed as an orangutan sits next to members of the press during media day at the Chelsea Flower Show in London

REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Winners will be announced next weekend.

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. Struggling actor Steve Smith wonders whether he may have mistaken the casting call for this Apple commercial for the one for the new Planet of the Apes movie.

  2. Eric Florack says:

    Pollsters find their polling samples a little too broad.

  3. jd says:

    Fruit! They said there’d be fruit!

  4. Hal_10000 says:

    The American people, in desperation, turn Congress over to literal orangutans in the hopes that some legislation will get passed.

  5. JWH says:

    Rodney Dill realized he was late with his new caption contest photo. It should, he thought, have been posted in Ape-ril.

  6. RockThisTown says:

    College professor Dr. O. Ran Gutan holds his lecture outside on a beautiful spring day.

  7. RockThisTown says:

    Gene Ray promoting his Time Cube theory.

  8. RockThisTown says:

    What has Debbie Wasserman-Shultz done to her hair?

  9. al-Ameda says:

    “If this gig doesn’t work out, there’s always the Washington Redskins”

  10. DrDaveT says:

    RNC leadership considering how to reach a younger base

  11. David in KC says:

    This is what you might miss while watching cute cat videos.

  12. Pinky says:

    the nude scene from Mrs. Doubtfire II

  13. bill says:

    “long left turn Clyde”.

  14. bill says:

    @RockThisTown: insulting a primate is a misdemeanor!

  15. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Rodney Dill, trolling for racists, is skunked.

  16. yetanotherjohn says:

    Looks like uncle got a new computer.

  17. yetanotherjohn says:

    Bad hair day.

  18. yetanotherjohn says:

    One day you are in charge of scheduling at the VA, the next you are on the street scratching your head without a job.

  19. yetanotherjohn says:

    Given all the buzz about the new star wars, is it any wonder that they decide to make a sequel to “Any which way but loose”?

  20. yetanotherjohn says:

    I am a writer and the monkey is a businessman. He doesn’t tell me what to write, and I don’t tell him what to do with his money.

  21. yetanotherjohn says:

    For some, Mardi Gras is all year long.

  22. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Yeah, laugh now! But, when the Great Ape Rebellion comes you won’t be smilin’!”

  23. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Strange at how apes imitate man. For example, at this very moment many men on the Internet are either scratching their heads or scratching their balls….”

  24. PAUL HOOSON says:

    Another person who doesn’t understand my jokes….

  25. PAUL HOOSON says:

    The most politically incorrect movie ever made to appeal to college aged audiences: “PLANET OF THE DATE RAPES”.

  26. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Ok, that’s it! My organ grinder is fired! He never shows up for work on time!”

  27. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “My college aged kid is acting weird. But, my wife says it’s just a phase….”

  28. PAUL HOOSON says:

    Paul Hooson sits perplexed at how to write a caption for this photo…

  29. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Damn hippies. Never shave or bathe…”

  30. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “I hear that new MIGHTY JOE YOUNG isn’t so good. He’s not that mighty, nor that young…”

  31. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Gee, I just don’t get that new Larry David pilot for a comedy….”

  32. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “….And I once tried to rejuvenate a picture tube using a bicycle….But, it didn’t work…”

  33. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Yeah, I wonder whatever happened to that monkey when the old Ernie Kovacs show was cancelled?”

  34. Franklin says:

    Casting calls note that the new Star Wars movie features a love interest for Chewbacca.

  35. Mu says:

    They said I’d find bananas at the fruit market, all they have is apples.

  36. He who must not be named says:

    Is that a Mac? No, it’s an orangutan.

  37. Hipsters approaching a whole new level of weird.

  38. PAUL HOOSON says:

    And yet NBC looked so surprised when “A GUY AND A GIRL, AND AN AFRICAN AMERICAN DUDE CROSSING HIS ARMS AND A MONKEY SITTING ON THE STEPS SCRATCHING HIS NUTS” was cancelled. Look what happened to Michael J. Fox, and he had better name recognition….

  39. PAUL HOOSON says:

    “Oh look, it’s that classic holiday event, “THE NUTSCRATCHER”….”

  40. PAUL HOOSON says:

    An old lady years past her prime years walks by on the street. She notices an ape scratching his nuts. She swells up with pride, “You sexy thing. You still got it!”

  41. PAUL HOOSON says:

    A member of Congress walks by on the street talking to a friend. The monkey throws feces at him. The Congressman remarks to his friend, “Well that’s unexpected……usually it’s the people who sit on the steps!”

  42. PAUL HOOSON says:

    An incumbent Congressman looks out at his audience for a political rally with some disappointment….

  43. PAUL HOOSON says:

    Guess who will be living in a public storage unit if the economy gets any worse?

  44. RockThisTown says:

    The orangutan flash mob just didn’t quite materialize.

  45. He who must not be named says:

    Let the feces flinging begin!

  46. He who must not be named says:

    Are we not men?

  47. Franklin says:

    Sheila, wearing a short skirt and high heels, still can’t draw attention away from the beautiful redhead.

  48. He who must not be named says:

    Cheer up sleepy Gene, oh what can it mean…?

  49. He who must not be named says:

    Guess who took the red pill?

  50. drmrs says:

    Banana ice-cream, banana cake, banana soda, banana bread, even raw banana if necessary. drmrs 5/29/2014