Palestinian Anger?

Charles Johnson notices a certain lack of enthusiasm for the Tel Aviv bombing;

Palestinians expressed anger Saturday at an overnight suicide bombing in Tel Aviv that killed four Israelis and threatened a fragile truce, a departure from former times when they welcomed attacks on their Israeli foes.


In contrast to the dozens of previous suicide bombings, no celebrations were held in the West Bank on Saturday and militant groups didn’t hang the customary posters of congratulations at the bomber’s home.

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Kate McMillan
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  1. Alan Kellogg says:

    Terrorism fatique.

    The Palestinians are getting tired of it. It has done nothing for them, and now they want to try another way. We could see an intifada against the intifada. Is a checkerboard revolution on the way?

  2. Harry Jeffery says:

    It is a cold fact of reality. What we call “terrorism”and the staggering cost of “Homeland Security”, the war in Iraq, the attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the attack on the USS Cole, the attack on the barracks in Beirut, and all the rest, are an extension of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is as simple as that.

    We just don’t get it–2500 Palestinian homes leveled in the last four decades by Israelis using American bulldozers, untold slaughter of Palestinians by Israelis using America’s most sophisticated military hardware, half of all Palestinian men at some time prisoners in Israeli jails, millions of Palestinians driven into more than fifty refugee camps, four decades of brutal occupation–there is no end to the provocation. And America shares every bit of the blame with Israel, dirty hands all the way. Every dime of the billions in aid to Israeli has gone to advance occupation of Palestine, and that occupation will, in the end, fail, as have all the other occupations we care to recall. The aid to Israel was provided all that time because of our own domestic politics, American politicians groveling for Jewish-American votes and campaign contributions. Both parties.

    The continuing manipulation is shameless. We are to believe all is a fanatic Islamic fundamentalism seeking to destroy freedom in the world and compel all the world to live a different way of life. A bald-faced cover-lie, coarse manipulation at its ugliest, contrived, insulting. The only solution offered for Iraq is military supremacy, necessary, we are told, in order to avoid irreversible damage to our good name. Our policies have already done that.

    The means for deep debate do not now exist. Books, magazines, newspapers have proven inadequate. Televised debate, with resources of academia, now universally lying idle, should be offered. The problem belongs to all of us.

    Harry Jeffery
    72 Millertown RD
    Bloomsburg, PA 17815