Political Stink Bugs

Among the stories popping up on my Google News sidebar is an MSNBC piece titled “Think bedbugs are bad? Meet the stink bugs.”   Having been invaded by the latter at my home in recent days, I clicked through to the link and got this:

Naturally, I assumed that the link on my sidebar app was bad so I Googled the title.   It landed on the same page.

So, clearly, someone at MSNBC is making a droll commentary on the 2010 campaign.

(Or, maybe it’s just a bad link, since I’m finding “Today Show” videos on other sites among the other search results.  Regardless, it’s insightful commentary.)

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  1. I have, for the last few years, had a policy in my home of not killing jumping spiders I notice wandering around. Since then I’ve stopped seeing silverfish, centipedes, and stink bugs, all of which are eaten by jumping spiders.