Prominent Iraqi Sunni Cleric Assassinated

Killing of cleric undercuts Allaw’s bid for unity (MSNBC)

Gunmen on Monday assassinated a member of an influential Sunni clerics group that has called for a boycott of national elections, just a day after Iraqi officials announced the balloting would be held Jan. 30 in spite of rising violence in Iraq. Sheik Faidh Mohamed Amin al-Faidhi, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars, was shot by gunmen at his home in northern Mosul — a sign of the continuing violence that wracks the country.

The slaying could further alienate Iraq̢۪s Sunni Arab minority ahead of the election. The association is already calling for a boycott of the vote, and if many Sunni heed its call, the legitimacy of the election could be deeply undermined.

The logic of insurgency baffles me. Terrorist scum murder a prominent Muslim Sheik–in the cause of protecting an Islamic state from infidel aggression, no less. Yet, rather than this causing people to open their eyes and realize that the terrorist scum are, well, terrorist scum, this undermines the legitimacy of elections? How is that possible?

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James Joyner
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  1. McGehee says:

    Wishful thinking by the LSM (LeftStream Media or, alternatively, Liberal Spin Machine)?

  2. Jim Henley says:

    It happened in Mosul. Might it have been done by Our Democratic Friends, the Kurds?