Radley Balko Joins HuffPo Collective

Radley Balko and his blogs are moving to Huffington Post.

Even though I follow Radley Balko and both Twitter and Facebook, I nonetheless discovered this news via his blog.

In May, I’ll be leaving Reason to work as a crime reporter for the Huffington Post. As may you know, AOL bought Huffington Post several months ago, and they’re hiring a ton of great people to build out a serious journalism program.



Come May, The Agitator will be hosted over at Huffington Post. I’ll continue to blog here daily, and I’ve been assured that there will be no content restrictions or editorial control over what I post. The blog will likely look a little different (I imagine there will be more ads), and the comments section will probably be a bit more crowded, but otherwise, things here will stay the same. So I hope you’ll all keep reading.

The really cool part is that my Nashville Blog (which I’ve been neglecting) will be hosted on AOL’s music site. Which means that blogging there will now be part of my job, and my 300 readers per day at that site will increase by a magnitude of . . . well, a hell of a lot.

The number of bloggers who’ve moved from independent operations to part of media empires over the years is astounding. The good news is that the ones I follow have managed to retain their old voice in their new digs.

Congrats to Radley.  He’s earned this over the years, carving out a beat for himself and owning it. More resources and wider exposure are deserved and almost always a good thing.

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  2. mantis says:

    Good for him. I like Balko a lot, though I disagree with him on a few things. The rest of Reason, however, is absolute garbage. Getting away from it is a wise move.

  3. matt says:

    I echo Stormy dragon with an additional O…

  4. Balko has carved out a niche exposing criminal justice abuses that the regular media tends to ignore. Hopefully, this new job will allow him to give some of these issues the wider exposure that they deserve.

  5. Yes, but he also runs a great comment site for libertarians, which is unlikely to survive the flood of partisan cheerleaders he’s going to get headlining on the Huffington Post.

    So while it’s a great for him and his work, it’s a big loss for his long time readers.