William Safire has a rather odd plan for keeping Davis in office. It’s loosely modeled on a French general, so how good could it be?

  • Davis has to keep any Democrats from running, enlisting the support of unions and other groups. But why would they do that? If they feel Davis is toast, why not hedge their bets with a competent alterative?
  • Run on a theme of political order and point out that the recall is expensive. But, since they’re having a recall, all of this is rather moot, no? If the state is spending $35 mil on the recall, you may as well actually recall someone.
  • Hope the White House sabotages the Republican contenders to keep a weak Gray Davis in power as a foil for 2004. Rather unlikely. The time to have done that was during the petitioning process, strongarming Rep. Issa to back off. Now, they may as well get a popular Republican–Riordan or Ahnold–in office. If the state turns around at all, the GOP will once again have a shot to carry California. On the other hand, if Davis stays in power, he would gain a huge boost from beating the recall.
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    James Joyner
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