Michael Ledeen, not surprisingly, favors removing the regimes in Syria and Iran. He agrees with me, however, that this can be achieved without war.

As Bush has said, this war has a variety of targets and requires a variety of strategies. No one I know wants to wage war on Iran and Syria, but there is now a clear recognition that we must defend ourselves against them. They are an integral part of the terror network that produced September 11. Left undisturbed, they will kill us in Iraq and Afghanistan and mount new attacks on our homelands.

But unlike Iraq, there is no need for a military campaign. Our most potent weapons are the peoples of Syria and Iran, and they are primed, loaded and ready to fire. We should now pull the political lanyards and unleash democratic revolution on the terror masters in Damascus and Tehran.

It would certainly be a monumental achievement.

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James Joyner
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