Richardson To Investigate Roswell UFOs

Bill Richardson promises that, in the unlikely event he’s elected president, he will get to the bottom of the Roswell UFO cover-up.

If he wins his bid for the White House, Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson may be just the man to get to the bottom of the 60-year-old Roswell UFO mystery.

Answering questions at a townhall meeting Friday, a Dell employee asked Richardson about the 1947 incident in which many people still believe a flying saucer landed near the eastern New Mexico town. “I’ve been in government a long time, I’ve been in the cabinet, I’ve been in the Congress and I’ve always felt that the government doesn’t tell the truth as much as it should on a lot of issues,” said Richardson, who is governor of New Mexico. “When I was in Congress I said (to the) Department of Defense … ‘What is the data? What is the data you have?’ ”

He was told that the records were classified. “That ticked me off,” he said, as the crowd laughed.

“What do you want me to do? You want me to open up all those files?” he asked the alien enthusiast, who answered that he did. “I’ll work with you on that.”

Presumably, Dennis Kucinich would be his running mate.

While I suppose whatever records the government has on a 60-year-old UFO investigation should be opened to the public at this point, I seriously doubt that doing so will satisfy the people who actually care about it. Indeed, as Dale Franks observes, “it just looks to me like a way to misdirect attention from the really important issue of getting to the bottom of that whole Bigfoot deal.”

Further, one has to wonder if working with some guy on answering his flying saucer questions is really the best use of a president’s time. Well, okay, we probably don’t need to wonder.

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James Joyner
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  1. Fausta says:

    Once Richardson gets over his insomnia and stops watching his X-Files DVDs in the wee hours of the morning, what’s next? 24? The Sopranos? Kukla, Fran and Ollie?

  2. McGehee says:

    And all this time I thought the presidential candidate most likely to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery was Kucinich.

    Of course, he’d have an unfair advantage…

  3. UFO files says:

    Didn’t Clinton asked one of his people to get to the bottom of the UFOs also? I believe the investigator wrote a book about it, which not surprisingly, didn’t prove anything.

  4. Eneils Bailey says:

    Investigate the Roswell UFO’s?

    My vote goes to the first person that promises to investigate these alien politicians in Washington.

    By the way, the missing Roswell UFO files can be found in Sandy Berger’s dirty underwear and socks.

  5. Aaron Clark says:

    The UFO subject is one of the most important issues we face today. Do some research and you will understand that. The president and all candidates should take it seriously. Check out the X-Conference and the new book on Roswell that blows the official cover-up wide open. Reality has been managed for you. Time to wake up!

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