Spaceship Earth Sculpture Collapses

Spaceship Earth has made an early crash landing:

A million-dollar stone sculpture, intended to remind future generations of the Earth’s fragility, made its point a bit early — just three months after its unveiling, it collapsed. The 175-ton “Spaceship Earth” lay in ruins at Kennesaw State University after mysteriously falling to pieces last week. The engraved phrase “our fragile craft” was still visible amid the debris.

“Kind of ironic,” said Mary-Elizabeth Watson, a university employee. “I had no idea it was made up of so many pieces.”


“How can stone collapse by itself?” [Finnish-born sculptor who goes by one name] Eino asked. “I’m devastated.”

Even more ironic – the notion that we should heed symbolic messages from people who are paid a million bucks to stick rocks together… and fail.

UPDATE (James Joyner): My wife sent along a link to an AJC write-up on the story that has some interesting photos:


Spaceship Earth Sculpture Photo BEFORE: A life-size figure of the late environmentalist David Brower stands atop a massive sphere in 'Spaceship Earth,' the $1 million sculpture unveiled at Kennesaw State University in October.

Spaceship Earth Sculpture Photo: AFTER: Kennesaw State University employee John Kirtley examines a pile of rubble that was once the sculpture 'Spaceship Earth.' It collapsed last Thursday during campus holiday break.

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  1. David Harris says:

    Aaahh, my alma mater. The Fighting Owls with another brilliant decision!

  2. Wickedpinto says:

    “How can stone collapse by itself?” [Finnish-born sculptor who goes by one name] Eino asked.

    “gravity” It’s a basic characteristic of the space ship named earth.

  3. Al Gore says:

    Obviously caused by Global Warming

  4. Bithead says:

    Quick. Someone tell Pam Geller she has a new graphic for her blog.