Just one more example of why we need to ban SUVs and kill those who would even think of driving them:

A volunteer army of SUV owners rolled through the area’s snow-covered streets this week to help doctors and nurses reach their jobs — and improve their unpopular image. “I really can’t believe the outpouring of the volunteers,” said Jackie Hubbard, a staffing assistant at Prince George’s Hospital Center. “We’ve had to turn people away.” Mrs. Hubbard said about 30 drivers in sport utility vehicles gave rides to hospital staffers and that roughly 100 more drivers called but were not needed. “They could be doing a lot of things on a day like this,” she said. “They could be next to the fire reading a good book or lying in their bed. I know that’s what I’d be doing.” More than 20 area hospitals, nursing homes and hospices asked for help delivering essential staffers — and in some cases patients — as nearly 2 feet of snow made roads too slippery and clogged for most cars. Many hospital administrators said they got help from citizens with SUVs.

The smug bastards. (Link via Washington Times)

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