Biden Energy Subsidies More Popular Than Projected

The projections were way off—in a good way.

Trump Bows Down To King Corn On Ethanol Subsidies And Mandates

With an eye on the trade war and the 2020 election, President Trump is increasing subsidies and mandates for corn-based ethanol.

U.S. Carbon Emissions Down Thanks Largely To Natural Gas

Carbon emissions in the U.S. have declined just as use of natural gas in electricity production has increased. That’s no coincidence.

Ethanol Tax Credit Expires After Three Decades

Congress eliminates a bad subsidy, but it’s only because there’s a worse one on the books.

Biofuel vs. Food

The Western fetish for turning cheap, efficient food into expensive, inefficient fuel is threatening the food supply–as is the European superstition against genetically modified foods.

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