Why are Masks Political?

Leadership matters (as does culture).

Undercounting COVID Deaths

The counting methodology is flawed and that’s assuming honest reporting.

House Of Commons Overwhelmingly Rejects Theresa May’s Brexit Deal

Theresa May’s Brexit deal suffered the worst defeat in the modern history of the British Parliament, and nobody is sure what happens next.

No, Your Facebook Likes Didn’t Steal the Election

Will Bunch wildly exaggerates the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Renowned Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies At 76

Stephen Hawking possessed one of the greatest minds in history, but he will likely be most remembered for not letting a debilitating disease stop him from contributing to our understanding of the universe.

Challenges and Threats to Representative Government in the United States

Thoughts on the quality of our democracy.

A “Republic v. Democracy” Lexicon

Concepts, basic applications, and even a bibliography! Merry Festivus, everyone.

Global Warming Holding Off The Next Ice Age?

Are carbon emissions saving us all from a cold, cold fate?

Liberals Want Justice Ginsburg To Resign Before 2012 Elections?

A few liberal law professors say Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should resign now so President Obama can pick her successor.

Getting Rid Of Gaddafi May Not Be As Easy As You Think

Establishing a no-fly zone isn’t likely to be enough to remove the current Libyan regime from power.

IVF Pioneer Wins Nobel Prize In Medicine

Thirty-two years after the first “Test Tube Baby” was born, the doctor who pioneered the procedure that created her has been recognized with a Nobel Prize.