Colombia has a New President

Colombia has sworn in a new president. And so begins the Santos era as the Uribe era heads for the history books.

Against the Electoral College II: Not As Framers Intended

In the first entry in this series we looked at a basic question of democratic theory. In this one, we look at whether the EC ever worked as the Framers intended.

Quote of the Day – WikiLeaks Edition

Humor me for a moment: if your life was in danger, would you trust Julian Assange to keep your identity a secret? – Joshua Foust

Obama and the Road to Tyranny

President Obama is following the example of his predecessors in abusing his power to enact his preferred policies. Has he gone too far?

We All Want What’s Best

A Republic, Not a Democracy

An oft-abused phrase.

Spanish Democracy

Too Many Czars

GOP’s G-O-D Problem

Congress and Warmaking

Democrats = Traitors?

The Second Term Slump