This Week in Trump

And what a week it has been.

Trump Cancels Visit To Denmark Because Danes Won’t Sell Greenland

Another day, another Trump temper tantrum.

Trump Administration Reportedly Still Looking At Buying Greenland

On the Sunday shows today, one of the President’s top aides insisted that the Administration is seriously looking at the idea of buying Greenland even though it isn’t for sale.


This timeline is just so weird.

This Reactionary Moment

Continuing the conversation from James Joyner’s post.

Trump Wants To Buy Greenland

President Trump wants to make a deal.

John Bolton Is Foolishly Calling For Preemptive War Against North Korea

John Bolton is leading a cry for preemptive war against North Korea.

Mind-Blowing Maps

Trending on Twitter this morning is a collection of infographics compiled by Ezra Klein under the heading “22 maps and charts that will surprise you.”

Polar Bear Shrinkage