Live By The Markets, Die By The Markets

Donald Trump spent much of the past year touting the rising stock market, now he’s getting a lesson in reality.

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Trump’s Pathetic Lies Reach A New Low

Now Donald Trump is using the death of American soldiers to tell lies about his predecessor.

Media Coverage Of Ted Cruz v. Media Coverage Of Wendy Davis

Can differences in media coverage of two unrelated filibusters be explained solely by media bias?

Republican Debate: Romney Perry Fight Dominates Conversation

Last night’s GOP debate was a two-man affair.

Pawlenty: First In, First Out? So What?

Tim Pawlenty was the first major Republican to enter the 2012 race. He may well be the first to quit. If so, it may take a while to notice.

Mitt Romney: I’m Also Unemployed

Mitt Romney told a group of unemployed Florida voters that he was unemployed, too! It’s being touted as a gaffe on Twitter but appears to be a joke.

99 Democratic House Seats in Danger?

Politico says 99 Democratic House seats are “in play.” They’re not. But dozens are.

Democratic ‘Safe’ Seats Not So Safe

Republicans are suddenly targeting — and Democrats in some cases are conceding — House seats that were until recently considered out of play.

9/12 Protests