Chemical Weapons Attack Puts Syria Back On The Front Burner

Just about a year after President Trump attacked Syria over the use of chemical weapons, the Assad regime has again used chemical weapons. There’s not much we can do about, nor should we.

Trump Orders Syria Strikes. So Now What?

It’s not at all clear that there is a useful strategy at work here.

Protests At Western Embassies Spread Across Muslim World

For the fourth day, American and other embassies became the focus of mass protests in many Muslim nations.

Panetta to Pentagon; Petraeus to CIA

CIA director Panetta to take over Pentagon; Petraeus to be nominated for CIA

We Can’t Afford Peace Institute With All The Wars

Politico’s Matt Wuerker illustrates the funding disparity between the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Institute of Peace.

France Key to Iraq Deal?