Texas Navy Air Station Shooting Wounds Three

Three people were wounded earlier today by a shooter at a U.S. Navy Air Station in Fort Worth.

Shooting at Texas military base wounds 3 (Reuters)

Three people were wounded in a shooting at U.S. Navy Air Station in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday, according to a report by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Spokesmen at the Naval Air Station, which also serves as a U.S. military joint reserve training base, said the three people hurt were U.S military personnel, the newspaper reported on its Web site. A spokesman also said the gunman had been arrested.

No word on the identity of the shooter. One presumes this is an ordinary crime rather than the work of jihadists, given both the locale and M.O.

Update (1637): The FWST front page titles the story, “‘Disgruntled employee’ shoots 2 at Carswell, turns gun on self.” The inside headline and story:

3 injured in Carswell shooting

Three servicemen were injured Thursday in a shooting at Naval Air Station Fort Worth, military officials said.
The attack occurred on base about 12:40 p.m. [Central time] and involved three Navy personnel, said base commander Capt. John McCormack. The Navy criminal investigative service and the FBI are investigating. The shooting occurred in the control operations center, where flight operations are handled, officials said.

“One sailor apparently came in and took some shots in one of the work details,” McCormack said. “We believe the one sailor shot two sailors and turned the gun on himself.” McCormack said he doesn’t know if the two people shot were specifically targeted. The gunman is an active duty enlisted Navy sailor; the victims are an enlisted active duty sailor and a Navy officer.
The shooter̢۪s injuries appear to be the most serious, he said.


The incident was not terrorism related, said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Paul Ware. “It was an argument,” he said. “It was more or less a disgruntled employee.” he said.


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    Marcia is definitely a not-ready-for-Turing comment generator.