The Truth Behind The “Sharia Turkey” Nonsense

As I noted earlier this week Pamela Geller and the rest of the anti-Muslim right had themselves in frothing-mouth mode over the allegation that Butterball turkeys were Halal.

Well, as MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry gets to the truth, and it turns out the only halal turkeys are the one’s sold in Muslim countries

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As it turns out, Butterball and its parent company also sell turkey in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and, well, Turkey. Once again, the Islamaphobes were wrong.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. John Burgess says:

    Since the Islamophobes are wrong about 95% of the crap they purvey, why should be expect this to be any different?

    I’m sort of seeing them as a bunch of tweenage girls riding a big roller coaster. They love the thrill, get to scream, and when it’s over, they can brag about how brave they were. They even, occasionally, get the photo from a TV appearance.

  2. The thing about the original story that hit me immediately: even if all the turkeys were halal, so the freakin’ what?

  3. But yes: no shock that Gellar, et al., were wrong…

  4. @Steven L. Taylor:

    There is that, too.

  5. OzarkHillbilly says:

    @Steven L. Taylor:

    even if all the turkeys were halal, so the freakin’ what?

    Because Steven, the surest way to a man’s heart is thru his stomach and all of us men just might convert to Islam because… Well, just because. I mean, we are men, aren’t we?

  6. sam says:

    @Steven L. Taylor:

    even if all the turkeys were halal, so the freakin’ what?

    I’ll tell you so freaking what, or rather Mr. Bogg will:

    Butterball turkeys are tryptophan-laden IED’s that use Pop-Up Turkey Timers as fuses and then explode getting Islam all over the cranberries and stuffing

  7. de stijl says:

    A small part of me is sad for the Pam Gellars of this world; it must truly suck to feel that paranoid all the time. My lesser angels despise people like her for all the hateful crap they do with their paranoia.

  8. John Burgess says:

    My lesser angels are too busy rolling on the floor, laughing, to give much of a rip about her and her ilk.

  9. Tano says:

    A small part of me is sad for the Pam Gellars of this world; it must truly suck to feel that paranoid all the time.

    I don’t get the sense that she feels paranoid, rather that she feels hatred and thus tries to find any conceivable way to attack the objects of her hate. And she often comes up with inconceivable ways as well.

  10. Linton says:

    And even if they were selling them in the U.S., they would have found a way to make their product more marketable to a greater amount of people. Most Islamophobes are also outspokenly pro-capitalism, and what is more pro-capitalism than that?

  11. @John Burgess:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly but the sad thing is that there are people who actually take them seriously. Geller is something of a blog star on the right even among people I think are generally reasonable. How they can’t recognize the obvious bigotry is beyond me.

  12. Hey Norm says:

    @ Doug…
    They do recognize the bigotry.
    And they are drawn like moths to a flame.

  13. Kylopod says:

    @Timothy Watson: No doubt. The weirdest thing about this campaign is that it’s being led by a Jewish commentator, Geller, attacking religious practices that are virtually identical in Judaism. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more absurd case of cognitive dissonance.

  14. Rob Prather says:

    Even with the bigotry, this particular episode is amusing. Really, who cares if a turkey is halal? I’ve eaten kosher food numerous times, especially when I lived in the northeast many moons ago, and I never thought of myself as Jewish.

    The truth is that the concept of “kosher” only matters to Jews, and “halal” only matters to Muslims. I’m neither of those so I just considers these things “food”.

  15. de stijl says:

    I had a halal gyro for lunch today. It was awesome and I don’t feel a bit Muslim.

    Well, maybe I could go for a nice warm mug of Christian baby blood, but who doesn’t have that craving now and again. It’s totally natural and has nothing to do with that yummy gyro I ate earlier. After all, all the cool kids are doing it and I can quit anytime I like. Mmmmm, foamy.