The Overlooked Steroid Scandal

Radley Balko points out that while Congress is busy wasting its time with questions about steroid use in Major League Baseball, there is a much bigger and more dangerous steroid scandal happening: the use of steroids by police officers. Follow the link for the details on several different instances of scandal in various metropolitan police departments. As Balko points out:

Given that police officers carry guns, night sticks, and tasers, and that they have the power to use lethal force when necessary, one would think our politicians would be more concerned about illegal use of a drug known to contribute to fits of rage and violence among law enforcement than use by a bunch of baseball players. Of course, it’s easier to score political points with the latter. It’s also probably a pretty sweet power rush to make larger-than-life sports icons cower at the sound of your hearing gavel.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    I wonder if use in the military, particularly in Iraq, isn’t also a burgeoning scandal.

  2. Mike says:

    I’ve seen 1 or 2 folks from my installation who came up hot in Iraq or back here (just after getting back) but we drug test in Iraq just as much as we do CONUS (which is a lot) and steroids is one of the drugs tested for (not every time – i think 1 in 4 is tested for steroids while all are tested for THC, cocaine etc..)

  3. Steve Plunk says:

    I recall about ten years ago a police officer in Gresham, Oregon killed a woman while in the midst of “roid rage”. The danger is real when mixing drugs and guys carrying guns.

    By not investigating and cleaning out this problem it damages the reputation of all cops. Covering up for your fellow officer is a form of corruption like it or not.

    Drug test ’em, it’s that simple. I have to test my employees both pre-employment and random. If our police want to be trusted then they should be calling for testing on themselves.