They Issued Him Credentials Before They Didn’t

Bill at INDC Journal was issued credentials to cover the Democratic National Convention as a blogger. They’ve since been revoked.

Update: Jeff Jarvis reports that Bill’s not alone.

I still want to see a complete list of the bloggers who got credentials to the convention (and those who did not). This is an issue of skewing coverage: Imagine of the Democrats tried to keep FoxNews out; it’s just as bad keeping a right-wing blogger out. I want to see all perspectives.

Michele left the troubling news in the comments below that Command Post didn’t get credentialed and that’s shocking and just dumb, for it is the best citizens’ news weblog out there.

Dumb indeed. I’m a member of the CP collective, so am somewhat biased, but it’s just the best blog aggregator out there because of the sheer number of contributors and careful moderating by Michele and Alan.

Kevin Aylward examines the story as well.

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