Those CIA Guys Are Crafty, Eh?


“Another highlight of Germany’s #1 investigative journalism magazine: the current edition of left-wing, fiercly anti-American SPIEGEL presents an article on “THE EMPIRE OF SHADOW – The worldwide operations of the U.S. Secret Intelligence Service”, and the picture on the cover shows … members of the Canadian military!”

Medienkritik has the original photo of the Canadian JTF2 team.

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Kate McMillan
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  1. John Burgess says:

    It’s just Karl Rove up to his fiendish tricks again.

    We’re going to help Canada grow balls even if it takes crafty disinformation programs in foreign media. I bet the photo was sourced to the DOD, right? Maybe even the Lincoln guys?

  2. Anderson says:

    Oh, the CIA and NRA have been running Canada for years … nothing to keep America in check like the specter of those crazy gun-bannin’, medicine-socializin’ Canadians! I think I learned this on The X Files