Blurbing Your Own Book Is Never A Good Sign

Mike Pompeo’s PAC wants you to know that Mike Pompeo’s book is a “thriller with stories from the heart” of Mike Pompeo

US Intelligence Fomenting Overseas Protests?

A 34-year CIA officer’s thoughts.

Ash Carter, 1954-2022

A brilliant national security leader is gone too soon.

The ‘Crime of the Century’ Didn’t Happen

Three-and-a-half years and almost 6 million tax dollars have produced nothing.

Putin’s Nuclear Gambit

The threat is not idle and the options for responding are not good.

Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotaged; EU Blames Russia

The CIA warned of his months ago but the Biden administration is being cautious.

David Kay, 1940-2022

A man made famous for discovering Iraq’s WMD program was virtually nonexistent is gone at 82.

U.S. Kills Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qaeda Founder and Leader

A precision drone strike on a balcony in Kabul took out a longtime nemesis.

Russia’s Absurd Demands for Griner and Whalen Release

Moscow is playing a very strange game.

Uvalde police and the punisher skull desktop Uvalde police and the punisher skull desktop

[Updated] Picturing The Gap Between Fantasy And Reality

Police and the Punisher Skull

Utah Democrats Back Republican Evan McMullin in Bid to Unseat Trumper Mike Lee

Seeing no way to win under their own label, they’ve called a Hail Mary.

President Joe Biden participates in a virtual call with the NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission team members Thursday, March 4, 2021, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. President Joe Biden participates in a virtual call with the NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Mission team members Thursday, March 4, 2021, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

Biden Often Rejects Unanimous NSC Advice

An interesting statement from his National Security Advisor.

Russia Warns US Against Arming Ukraine

The proxy war is working.

Russia’s Diplomatic Isolation

The West continues to close Moscow off.

A Key Aspect of the Ginni Thomas Story

Beyond who her spouse is, the texts to Meadows reveal a deeply concerning situation.

Ginni Thomas the Insurrectionist

A Supreme Court Justice’s wife urged the White House and Congressional Republicans to steal the 2020 election.

Russia Sanctions Itself in Retaliation for Western Sanctions

Vladimir Putin is banning commodity exports.

Putin Getting Desperate?

The Russian leader is isolated and under tremendous pressure.

Game of Chicken Kiev

The United States and its NATO allies are in a dangerous standoff.

Sidney Poitier, 1927-2022

A pioneering Black actor is gone at 94.

Milley’s Soft Coup

While well-intentioned, the Chairman’s actions were illegal and dangerous.

Maxine Waters Under Fire

The latest variant of the “No Justice, No Peace” threat is unhelpful.

Capitol Police Officer Killed in Attack

A loon wolf terrorist who followed Louis Farrakhan was responsible.

Most January 6 Rioters Won’t Go to Jail

Judges are pressuring prosecutors to strike deals, most of which will be for misdemeanors.

George Shultz, 1920-2021

The longtime public servant has died, aged 100.

Call him the MiAutogolpe Guy

Mike Lindell’s behavior is both farcical and dangerous.

Avril Haynes Biden’s Director of National Intelligence Nominee

She’d be America’s first woman intelligence chief.

Not a Coup Attempt

But, still very bad.

House Democrats and Dashed Expectations

Who’s to blame for the Blue Wave not materializing?

Glenn Greenwald Quits Intercept

The iconoclastic journalist is out at the publication he founded.

The Office of Legal Counsel

Holding the president accountable is hard.

Foreign Interference in the 2020 Elections

The Russians are at it again, with the cooperation of the Trump administration and its enablers.

Pentagon Training IDs Press as ‘Adversaries’

The reporting demonstrates the uncomfortable truth.

Person Woman Man Camera TV

We can’t punish every politician with a mental problem, but some are clearly unfit for office.

Police Shouldn’t Be Anonymous

Cops aren’t soldiers or spies but fellow citizens.

Intel Briefers Stopped Telling Trump about Russia

The President didn’t want to hear about bad behavior from Moscow, so he wasn’t told.

Russia-Taliban Intel included in PDB

The President should have known about the plot. There’s a good chance he didn’t.

Bloomberg Tweets Doctored Debate Video

Creepy misinformation? Or just lame?

Jim Lehrer, 1934-2020

A legendary newsman has passed.

Five Sentenced To Death In Khashoggi Murder, But The Coverup Continues

Five men have been sentenced to die by a Saudi Arabian court for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, but the parties who are really responsible are getting off scot-free.

Centrist Democrats Line Up In Favor Of Impeachment

Democrats who could prove to be vulnerable in 2020 are largely lining up in favor of impeaching the President.

Afghan War Marked By Incompetence, Misrepresentation, And Outright Lies

A new report details the extent to which the eighteen-year Afghanistan War has been marked by mistakes, and lies by the government to cover-up the fact that we went to war without a clear understanding of what we were doing.

William Barr Is Exactly The Kind Of Attorney General Trump Always Wanted

Late last week, Attorney General William Barr demonstrated quite aptly the extent to which he has become just another Trump loyalist.

Lt. Col. Vindman Told To ‘Keep Quiet’ About Ukraine Phone Call

And now we have evidence of a clear effort at a coverup by high-level White House employees. The question would be, what did the President know and when did he know it?

RealClear Reveals Whistleblower Name, Foments Conspiracy Theory

The man who sparked the investigation into the President’s illegal conduct has been outed in a futile attempt to discredit it.

Leader Of ISIS Believed Killed In Raid In Syria

There’s apparently big news in the fight against ISIS.

Top U.S. Diplomat Confirms Quid Pro Quo On Ukraine Aid

A top U.S. diplomat involved in Ukraine policy confirmed the existence of a quid pro quo regarding U.S aid to Ukraine.

Whistleblowers vs Leakers vs Spies

Yes, officials who follow the law are “whistleblowers.”

More Bad Whistleblower News For Trump

A second potential whistleblower and an apparent criminal referral from the CIA’s top lawyer make a bad week even worse for Donald Trump.

Hunter Biden’s Socially Acceptable Corruption

The real crime is what’s legal.