Tim Berners-Lee: The Next Web

In a TED talk from February, Tim Berners-Lee, the man who arguably “invented” the World Wide Web, explains how the current system evolved and speculates on how “the next Web” will look.

His concept is “Linked Data” so that people, places, products, and so forth are all interlinked on the Web in a relationship format.  We’re basically moving in that direction already with Wikis, social networking, GPS locators, and so forth.

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James Joyner
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  1. Noah Johns says:

    I thought Al Gore invented the internet

  2. Rich Campbell says:

    Ha ha, very funny. Al Gore CHAMPIONED the internet, and Berners-Lee corroborated that claim. Wired Magazine claimed Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet, and has since apologized. /geek

  3. Noah Johns says:

    My mistake. Apparently this was an Inconvenient Falsehood

  4. odograph says:

    no need to scare-quote “invented”. berners-lee did exactly invent the “world wide web.” there were “hypertext” precursors, but the www is a specific implementation, not a category.

    (hat tip ted nelson as a hyprtext “champion”)

    … since then I’m not sure berners-lee has champoined problems that are my focus … the semantic web seems off to the side of our current work and study “a day” problems.