Top Iowa Staffers For Herman Cain Quit

Just a few days after losing a regional director and the single member of his Hampshire staff, Herman Cain has also lost two two staffers in Iowa:

Herman Cain’s Iowa Director, Tina Goff, told that she has submitted her resignation and is no longer working for the campaign.  In addition to Goff’s resignation, can confirm that Kevin Hall has also left the campaign.  Hall served as Cain’s Straw Poll coordinator.

Goff and Hall both worked on Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign in 2008 and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s campaign in 2010.  Goff stated that she resigned because the Cain campaign refused to make a serious effort in Iowa, the home of the First-in-the-Nation caucuses.

With just 43 days to the Iowa Straw Poll, Cain’s campaign here in Iowa and nationally seems to be unraveling.  Cain lost his New Hampshire director, Matt Murphy, who was his only staffer in that state, earlier this week.  Jim Zeiler, a Cain regional director who had been to Iowa and was helping with the campaign’s Straw Poll plans, has also left the campaign.

Cain gained ground after he announced his candidacy, but that bounce stopped long ago and he’s being overshadowed now by Michele Bachmann. A bad showing in Ames could be the final nail.


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  1. John Peabody says:

    Here’s a media observation: is this the first time EVER that a candidate’s staff member quit? Its the first time I’ve seen a report about one. Why are the detections from Caine’s camp newsworthy? The “lame-stream media” take would be that the media wants to paint Caine’s predicament in the worst light. This is a case where this might be true, though unintentional. In any event, media, please let us know of anyone leaves T-Paw or Mitt.