Kevin Aylward discusses the much-anticipated debut of TypePad from the makers of Movable Type. It doesn’t look very promising, frankly. They are way overpriced for the bandwidth allocation they provide.

Bandwidth doesn’t correlate very much with visitors, if my own experience is any indication. My unique visitors, visits, and bandwidth since opening the current site on HostingMatters:

4/03 6170 16860 2.94 GB
5/03 6836 19010 4.17 GB
6/03 5816 17705 3.57 GB
7/03 9624 25250 9.35 GB

Part of the upsurge in July had to do with two massive file transfers of my photo archive, which I FTP’d to my hard drive to consolidate (since I post from both work and home), reduced to 75% to conserve disk space, and then FTP’d back to the site.

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James Joyner
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  1. joy says:

    That’s funny, I noted the same exact deficiency when I reviewed the features.

    Great minds think alike.

  2. Bandwidth correlates VERY much to visitors, James. Consider this: You have a page that’s 100k. You get ten visitors, they download 1 meg of transfers.

    You get a thousand visitors, and now we’re talkin’ bandwidth.

    An Instalink has sent many a weblog over its usage ration for the month.

    As a matter of good practices, you should try to keep your main page lean to begin with. The majority of web users are still on dial-ups.

  3. James Joyner says:


    Interesting. Other than the logo, which is 25k, it’s mainly text. The photos for the caption contests are pretty small, usually. I guess I could go back to just showing two days rather than three.

    Thanks for the note. I’ll see what I can do.