It’s been great having the opportunity to post at OTB while James was taking some well-deserved R&R. Thank you, James. And it’s been especially gratifying sharing the premises with bloggers like Steven, Steve, and Steve whom I’ve followed and admired (if not always agreed with 100%) since I began blogging.

You’ve also got a great, interesting, diverse readership James.

Don’t be strangers! You can find me tending bar at The Glittering Eye most days.

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Dave Schuler
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Over the years Dave Schuler has worked as a martial arts instructor, a handyman, a musician, a cook, and a translator. He's owned his own company for the last thirty years and has a post-graduate degree in his field. He comes from a family of politicians, teachers, and vaudeville entertainers. All-in-all a pretty good preparation for blogging. He has contributed to OTB since November 2006 but mostly writes at his own blog, The Glittering Eye, which he started in March 2004.


  1. Man, lots ‘o Steve’s running around this place!

  2. Dave Schuler says:

    I figured it was an expression of the principle of the Conservation of Steves. 😉