Vodkapundit’s Tenth Blogiversary

Stephen Green is marking the tenth anniversary of his blog Vodkapundit by linking to the first post he wrote back in the Stone Age of the Blogosphere.

I can’t remember when I first started reading blogs on a regular basis, but Vodkapundit, along with OTB, was among the first that I started reading regularly.

So congratulations Steve and keep it up. However, considering all the drunkblogging you’ve over the years, I would have thought your liver would at least deserve some recognition of its role in this great endeavor.

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. Gold Star for Robot Boy says:

    My favorite Vodkapundit post is where he called Iowans participating in the 2008 Iowa caucuses “corn-sucking idiots” because they cast votes for Huckabee. It was a masterpiece of elitist dismissal of the heartland – but IOKIYAR.