Wisconsin’s Progressive Newspaper is Liberal?

Matt Drudge Siren

I just received via email tip from a source who requests anonymity that The Capital Times, which bills itself as “Wisconsin’s Progressive Newspaper,” has a liberal bias. DEVELOPING . . .

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James Joyner
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  1. Andy Vance says:

    Just another birdcage liner

    Ah, sage wisdom from the illiterati.

  2. I just received this email from a liberal friend of mine.

    “I agree with you that the media is biased.

    I disagree on what party is hurt. I think the media is controlled by big business and gives the Republican’s a mostly free ride.

    You focus in on the stories that you think are bad.
    I focus in on stories I think are bad.

    We are both sure we are right and neither one of us will ever admit the other is right.”

    I’ve asked him for some examples of media bias in the next week. Developing.

  3. Jack Ehrlich says:

    Andy Vance. Typical liberal moonbat. If you disagree, disparage. Taking a page from your training manual, what is it like to be pond scum? That is the realm of liberals.

  4. Patrick McGuire says:

    Newspaper??? Isn’t that something that is printed on paper or something?

  5. legion says:

    Personally, I’m more appalled by the blatant plagarism of setaling Matt Drudge’s PATENTED FLASH ALARM SIREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have you right-wing bloggers no shame?

    :-), for the sarcasm-impaired

  6. Christopher says:


    Your friend should realize it is not so black and white.

    A lot of the population ONLY reads the headlines. And yet the headlines do not report on the good in Iraq, or how extraordinarily strong the economy is under Bush, or how Bush at least tried by spending political capital on the SS problem even though he ultimately failed. Where are those stories? Preciously few and faaaar between.

    By the way, The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon has become absurdly liberal, even stupidly so (am I being redundant?)

  7. I rec’d the same mailing. I, too, was bemused by it and thought the “not for attribution” part especially amusing.

  8. McGehee says:

    I just received via email tip…

    My Magic 8-Ball® tells me the next e-mail you receive from that source will bear the headline, “Dog Bites Man!”