Woman Wearing MIT Shirt Accused Of Electioneering At Florida Polling Place

From Boca Raton, Florida:

BOCA RATON, FL (BocaNewsNow.com) — A woman attempting to vote in West Boca Raton this morning was initially prohibited from entering the polling place because she was wearing a tee shirt with the letters MIT.

BocaNewsNow.com has heard from multiple sources that an election supervisor at the polling place ultimately realized that MIT stands for “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” — a school where students tend to know how to spell — and was not a campaign shirt for the Republican candidate, who spells his name MITT.

Campaigning is not permitted within several yards of a polling place.

The woman was ultimately allowed to vote.

Maybe they thought MIT stood for “Mitt Is Terrific”

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  1. grumpy realist says:

    She should have worn the “God said….[Maxwell’s Equations]…and there was light” T-shirt instead.

  2. Anderson says:

    Pretty funny. I was thinking of testing my free speech at the polls, but the 5th Circuit’s upheld T-shirt bans.

  3. legion says:

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Florida.

  4. bill says:

    wow, you can’t make this stuff up.

  5. Davebo says:

    Forget it, Jake. It’s Florida.

    Actually it’s Boca. If you paid 3 million for a condo that at best could fetch 1 million you’d be a bit crazy too.

    As would your local news outlets. And Doug.