Worst. Choir. Ever.

This truly has to be heard to be believed:

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  1. Just 'nutha ig'rant cracker says:

    I dunno. I’ve heard worse choirs–I’ve directed worse choirs–but they are truly bad in that Platonic-ideal-of-badness sort of way. The director gets my vote for “worst at selecting music,” though.

  2. James H says:


  3. Anderson says:

    Just cruel.

  4. Mr. Replica says:
  5. Murray says:

    Why Bill O’Reilly doesn’t go after this “music” video to stigmatize our cultural decadence beats me.

  6. Whitfield says:

    This choir director made a really poor choice of music for this group. I am unsure though of how much singing that they could actually pull off with any success of being on tune at all. Our church had a smaller choir and usually sounded great as long as they stayed with music that fit their abilities. You do not have to have great numbers in a choir for success and age is not always a factor: Robert Merrill had a great voice even when he was much older.