Zell Miller Convention Speech


From the opener, “My family is more important than my party,” this was one fire and brimstone speech. Miller’s righteous indignation was evident throughout. “Armed with what?! Spitballs?!” Indeed.

I’ll be interested in seeing how this plays: Will he be perceived as too angry or a man of principle pushed to the end of his rope?

New York Newsday has an early transcript: Text of speech by Sen. Zell Miller

This unsigned London News Review piece, presumably penned ahead of time, is so far the most amusing I’ve seen: Zell Miller backs Bush, and books himself a place in hell

If there is a hell, and most likely Zell Miller believes in such a thing, then Democratic Senator Zell Miller is going to burn in it. Spin hotly on a giant griddle. For something close to eternity.

Oh yes, siree. He is going to burn in hell.

If hell exists; which one can only hope that it does, because if God exists then he’s no kind of God unless he creates a hell for Democrat Senator Zell Miller to burn in. In fact, even if the universe exists without a God, as many would contend, then it may still be within the inarticulate power of this vast mass of galaxies, nebulae and planets to create – within itself – a dark and steaming corner of itself where Mr. Zell Miller can dwell, for eternity, in unspeakable pain. We can call it hell or we can call it Georgia. Just so long as Senator Zell Miller suffers in it.

And that’s just the sweet part.

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Off to watch Cheney.


Transcript: Remarks by Sen. Zell Miller to the Republican National Convention (WaPo)

Video: Zell Miller

Update (9/2 – 1412): Kevin Drum has a pretty extensive roundup of negative takes on the speech.

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  1. Dave Schuler says:

    Republicans: Wow!

    Democrats: DINO

  2. I’m not a praying man, but tonight I’m going to get on my knees and pray that I never make Zell Miller mad.

    So when it came to red meat, how did you think the delegates liked their Speech Tartare? I think the RNC just went on at Atkins diet that will extend until November 2.


  3. sligobob says:

    I hope everyone watched Zell and Chris Matthews go at it tonight. Priceless. Matthews, pretending not to understand that “spit balls” might be a rhetorical point, a humorous exaggeration if you will (not really), and Zell Miller squinting into the camera wondering what kind of Ned Beatty wannabe was asking such a stupid question. Miller wouldn’t have any of it. Chris later laments the use of “the rhetoric of complete destruction.” This from a guy whose show is called “Hardball.”

  4. Paul says:

    MSNBC had Frank Luntz on and in his focus group 11 of 17 (self declared undecideds) said they were voting for Bush because of what they saw tonight. One of the 17 was an obvious shill as she had all the lib talking points memorized so it was 11 out of 16.

    Surprisingly (to the pundits anyway) they LOVED Zell Miller… It was a Dem saying it so rather than be “mean” they found it credible.

    OH and they LOVED the spitball line.

  5. James Joyner says:

    Yeah, I think Zell Miller can get away with ranting better than, say, Pat Buchanan.