Zellweger-Chesney Split Over Kids

Several media reports have a disagreement over whether to have children at the heart of the breakup of the marriage between Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney.

Renee’s hubby’s aversion to kids caused their split! (ANI – Sify)

Actress Renee Zellweger has claimed that she decided to divorce her husband of four months because he did not share her dreams of starting a family. The Bridget Jones star was reportedly shocked, when she came to know that her country singer husband Kenny Chesney does not want children.

“She’s an old-fashioned girl and wanted to start a family as soon as the wedding dress was in the wardrobe,” the Sun quoted a source as saying. “She thought Kenny felt the same way, but it didn’t take her long to realise the dream was over,” the source added.

Renee’s Family Fraud? (Sky)

Legal types and insider sources have been shedding more light on THAT word cited in Renee Zellweger’s marriage annulment papers. According to experts the “fraud” she talks of probably has something to do with children. After four months of marriage to country singer Kenny Chesney, the Bridget Jones star has caused a flurry of intrigue after ticking the box marked “fraud” on her written request for an official split.

Top celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder says the legal term could refer to the couple’s views on having a baby. “The usual fraud in American law is when the wife claims the husband said they were going to have children and now he won’t,” Felder told The Sun newspaper.

Interesting. Apparently, couples often marry without discussing this matter, which would seem to be the most crucial issue in a marriage. Certainly, if Chesney actually misrepresented his desires prior to the marriage, it could be considered “fraud” only four months in. At what point “fraud” becomes simply changing one’s mind, though, is unclear.


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  1. Scott says:

    Actually, the most crucial issue in a marriage is what temperature the thermostat will be set at. Everything else is secondary.

  2. Bachbone says:

    Uhhh…what the heck DO people talk about during “courtships” and engagements now-a-days? And after having been “involved with” as many guys as Zellweger has been, why didn’t she know to ask that question? Hollowood airheads with racing hormones.

  3. C Steele says:

    As quickly as they wed how could they have known much about each other.They barely had time to find out more than “Do you drink your coffee black or with cream & sugar?”

  4. Kenny is not gay and i dont think that they should have jumped into such a fast marrage. it was way to fast

  5. Elvira Wong says:

    Hayley Girl,-How on earth do you KNOW that he’s not gay? Did his boyfriend tell you that? . . . .B.F.??
    Yes,….You know,the one Kenny was caught french kissing by a security guard backstage.
    It’s not really that important because he would never date a mere mortal like you or me. We’re just not famous enough for K.C.
    Sorry to be the bearer of sad news.

  6. Not_Kenny says:

    “Renee says Kenny does not want kids” What the hell where they thinking? Don’t people talk to each other before they get married? Wouldn’t a little detail like starting a family be one of the first things you’d bring up if you’re planning marriage? Some of these celebs are such complete idiots. “I love you so much honey…let’s get married..I know we just met last night…oh, that wedding was so romantic..what do you mean you’re gay?…ok, so lets just get a divorce then..”