Zogby: John McCain Would Trounce Hillary Clinton

McCain Would Trounce Hillary in ̢۪08 Match-up (Zogby International)

Arizona Senator John McCain would overwhelmingly defeat New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in a theoretical 2008 presidential match-up, a new Zogby America poll reveals.


The survey finds that both senators far outdistance their nearest competition for their parties’ nominations—but in a head-to-head match-up, the Arizona Republican bests the New York Democrat by 19 points, leading her 54% to 35%. McCain would also defeat Massachusetts Senator—and former Democratic presidential candidate—John Kerry by a full 20 points, 55% to 35%.

McCain leads with most demographics, though Clinton would best him narrowly among Hispanic voters (45% to 38%) and would win African Americans by 80% to 19%. But that 19% would be the highest vote tally for a Republican with African Americans in decades. McCain leads Clinton with every age group except voters under 30, where the two are in a dead heat.

While I’m surprised by the margin of McCain’s lead, its existence is to be expected. Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarizing figures in recent American history whereas McCain is a “maverick” and a war hero and the darling of the press corps.

The media love McCain because he grants them lots of access and is willing to go against his fellow Republicans time and again. That makes him a “straight shooter” and a “maverick.” That’s fine when it’s McCain against other Republicans. I guarantee that, if there’s a McCain-Clinton matchup in the 2008 general election, the press will discover that McCain is actually a right wing extremist religious zealot who hates women, the poor, and minorities.

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James Joyner
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  1. Zong Qua says:

    Many in Arizona think it would be great if McCain ran against Hillary in the New Yorks senate race in 2006.

  2. McGehee says:

    Zong Qua, LOL!

  3. Jay says:

    I have come to consider McCain vastly more evil than Hillary, and would vote for her, even actively promote her, if it came down to the two of them. Which is amazing to me, but… He’s Just That Bad.

    There’s a reason he is the only individual to have his own category on our blog (not counting that “baby pictures” and “rugrats” pretty much = Sadie for the time being): “Senator Control Freak.”

  4. Anderson says:

    Yes, and according to Zogby, John Kerry is now our President.

    I have grave doubts about a Hillary candidacy, but one Republican I’m not worried about is McCain. He’s done too much to annoy both the base and the moderates, and his past efforts on the campaign trail haven’t been stellar. If anyone could humanize Hillary, it’s McCain.

  5. Mustang 23 says:

    Why are we worried about 2008 already. Bush’s second term only started 6 months ago?

    just wondering?

  6. Steven L. says:

    The real question is: If McCain beat Hillary, would there be any way to tell the difference in how they governed?

  7. Anderson says:

    Well, I have it on good authority that McCain (whisper) is a lesbian!.

  8. Prechell says:

    the McCain-Hillary match-up is quite interesting but i wonder if american, which is more “liberal” than any other countries in the world would really vote for a lady president? is america ready for it? well, just asking?

  9. McGehee says:

    A “lady president”? There’s nothing in this post about Condoleezza Rice.

  10. Mark says:

    > american, which is more “liberal” than any
    > other countries in the world

    You are joking, right? America is quite conservative socially speaking – I would say more so than much of europe and certainly much more than the Scandinavian countries.

  11. ledzep213 says:
  12. jami says:

    ledzep, you’re helping her by making republicans look crazy and dirty. keep up the good work!