Supreme Court Strikes Down Alabama Districts

A surprising ruling on the Voting Rights Act.

Class Sorting in American Politics

Most high-income Congressional Districts are Democratic and low-income Districts are Republican.

Community Colleges Not Serving the Community

A key pathway to success for low-income citizens isn’t working.

An Observation About “Classically Liberal” Punditry

“Classical liberals” really need to rediscover self examination

photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer

Why We’re Getting Worse At Construction

Affluence comes with a cost.

Minority Rule Isn’t a Myth

The will of the majority can prevail even in a skewed system.

Making Sense of the Election

Parsing the results thus far.

Pelosi Attack a Turning Point?

What will it take to end the cycle of violence?

Supreme Court Demographics

The class photo has changed.

The Emerging Democratic Majority at 20

How well has the famous thesis fared?

photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer

The Coming Democratic Majority Isn’t Guaranteed

Ruy Teixeira finds that Hispanics aren’t yet woke.

A Great Realignment?

As Democrats gain college-educated voters, they’re losing Hispanics and men.

Myths of American Democracy

Tweaking the message and getting out the vote don’t matter as much as strategists think.

American Excess Deaths from COVID

We did much better in 2020 and worse since 2021 than we thought.

Projecting China’s Future

Can it overcome demographics and decoupling to sustain its current unprecedented growth?

Democrats Killing Iowa Caucuses?

Momentum for ending an undemocratic anachronism is building.

Trump Leads Biden in Meaningless Poll

We’re three short years from the next election.

Dave Chappelle’s Weak Response to Critics

It’s not funny when you have to constantly explain the jokes.

Backwards: When Politicians Choose Their Voters

Voters are suppose to choose elected officials, not the other way around.

Yes, Florida’s Numbers are Better; No, that is not a Vindication of DeSantis’ Policies

Let’s look at the numbers and the clear effects of policy choices.

Is Texas Undemocratic?

The Lone Star State has enacted some peculiar new laws.

diversity legos diversity legos

America Getting Less White

The long demographic trend continues.

Has America Reached Peak Vaccination?

The rate at which Americans are getting COVID shots is slowing rapidly.

Educational Diversity and Structural Racism

Critical race theory rears its ugly head yet again.

Manchin Opposes Democracy

Or, at least, he’s willing to kill democracy in order to save it.

Trump Campaign-Russian Intelligence Link Definitively Established

RussiaGate is back in the news but the story is unlikely to move the needle.

It’s the Single-Seat Districts

Our insistence on relying on an 18th Century understanding of electoral systems is our ongoing bane (if one values representative government).

Biden’s Culture War Aggression?!

The hidden wokeness of our new Critical Theory-loving President.

Will the GOP Fracture?

Will there be in-fighting? Yes. A break-up? No.

On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win

Arguments and analyses that are, well, turkeys.

How Confident Should We Be in the Polls?

Two prominent media pollsters are hedging their bets.

The Senate’s Rural Skew

Injecting data into the conversation.

Business people using their phones Business people using their phones

Demography is Destiny

It’s just not immediate.

green surgical masks on green background green surgical masks on green background

Republicans Refuse to Wear Masks

A majority of Americans of every sex, race, education, income, or region do the right thing. With one exception.

Supreme Court Says Eastern Oklahoma is Indian Country?!

Congress forgot to disestablish a Creek Reservation created by treaty in 1833 and 1856 when it made Oklahoma a state in 1909.

What We Don’t Know About COVID-19

Two new studies bring more questions than answers.

South Carolina Exit Polls

Joe Biden won with every group imaginable—and some that were unimaginable.

Trump’s Acquittal and American Democracy

Has this precedent permanently damaged the country? Or is it just politics as usual?

Explaining the Sanders-Warren Flap

Two progressives enter. One progressive leaves.

Polling On Impeachment Largely Unmoved On Eve Of House Vote

With the House of Representatives just days away from impeaching President Trump, polling shows that public opinion on the issue has not changed much since October.

The Military Has A Suicide Problem

Suicide has become a bigger threat to members of the military and veterans than combat. That needs to change.

Jon Ossoff Enters Race Against David Perdue In Georgia

Democrat Jon Ossoff has thrown his hat in the ring to challenge David Perdue for Georgia’s Senate seat in 2020.

New Poll Shows Biden, Sanders, and Warren Tied At The Top Of Democratic Field

A new poll shows Joe Biden dropping significantly among national Democrats to the point where he is effectively tied with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The Russia-Right Wing Talking Point Cycle

How insidious talking points spread in the modern media environment.

Trump’s Electoral College Advantage Growing

He could lose the popular vote by an even larger margin in 2020—and still coast to re-election.

ICE Planning Mass Raids Targeting Immigrant Families Beginning Tomorrow

Following through on a threat made by the President earlier this week, immigration authorities are reportedly planning mass raids aimed primarily at immigrant families starting tomorrow.

Sanders Calls for Private Charter School Ban

I’m not sure his solution is correct or even legal. But the problem is very real.

Alabama Bans Most Abortions

We’ve soon see whether the current Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade.

McConville Hearings Highlight Military as Family Business

All three children of the next head of the Army are following in his footsteps.